About Me

Born 3rd of seven children to a neighborhood seamstress and Civil Rights activist in the Deep South, Reginald “Reggie” Jackson is no stranger to overcoming the turns of adversity. As early as the age of 6, Reggie understood the importance of hard work and improvisation, bringing a unique skillset to capitalize even in the down turns of Real Estate for over 35 years.

In 1982, in the midst of a recession, Reggie began his Real Estate career working as an agent with Brown Realty. By using his charisma and door- to-door style of reaching sellers, Reggie created opportunities for home owners to capitalize on their investments, even when the market was tough.

After a short period at Brown Realty, Reggie gained a Real Estate mentor guiding him to begin his own real estate investment company. In 1986 Reggie formed Reggie Jackson Realty, where he was able to become both broker and investor.

In the early 1990s, Reggie served as a broker for Freddie Mac, and worked under the RTC (Resolution Trust Cooperation) to liquidate insolvent bank assets, during yet another recession. There he worked in the multifamily division, gaining specialties in Atlanta’s distressed communities.

In 1992, Reggie acquired his first multifamily complex in Dixie Hills, one of the most underserved neighborhoods known to Atlanta. Over 10 years, Reggie’s determination and understanding personality changed Verbena Gardens from disordered to desired, by both investors and consumers alike.

Before the market would take another down turn in 2006, Reggie prepared by selling his multifamily properties and enhancing his market consciousness. Reggie took time to learn about Short Sales, REOs, and even became property manager for several investor’s portfolios. During this time, Reggie also partnered with Havenbrook Homes, a nationwide home leasing company, recording as many as thirty leases in a single month!

Today, Reggie continues to enjoy gaining knowledge of wealth strategies, asset protection and staying abreast on the latest industry technology. He leads classes with Atlanta REIA South and is making his way in the commercial industry. With his passion, work ethics, and experience, Reggie is truly equipped to find resolutions for success in any status of the market.